Published on April 12, 2007 By Snowman In Object Desktop

So... I finally got Vista Ultimate installed and wanted to try out Dream, to see what all the fuzz was about.
So I slap on SDC, click on DeskScape, click on Install and voila... or not.....

"DeskScape requires OS version XP or later" (or something like that)

Say what?!   

What's that all about?

Any ideas on what's going on?

on Apr 12, 2007
Thought I read something about SDC version update that corrected that...but I aint real sure.
on Apr 13, 2007
Problem "fixed". Nickie in #Stardock provided me with an "external" download link:

All is good now, apart from the animated wallpapers are slowing my system down to a grind...