Published on March 25, 2009 By Snowman In Personal Computing

I fear my 8600 GT is about to go belly up, so I've been looking around for a new card and have spotted this puppy:

2 GPU Radeon HD 4850 X2 PCI Express 2.0 X16
(4 monitor outputs)

I'm looking for a 'highend-ish' card this time.

(It's going for around $380 over here)

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on Apr 17, 2009

@Night Train: I've got a few friends with a 9800GT, neither have any of those issues. I wouldn't classify them as "known issues". Also the card is PCI-E not AGP.

oops, I have the 8800 GT, sorry. Sorry for my mistake and sorry I got the 8800 GT. Running winows experience score crashes Vista. Tis quite the " experience"!

Well I did a search on 9800GT/Vista issues and only came up with this: "freezing on startup".  Apparently the pesrson didn't uninstall the drivers for the previous card and there was a conflict.  However, the issue was resolved with Nvidia's 'driver stripper' tool and a clean install of updated drivers.  Apparently, this can be true of any graphics card upgrade and not just the 8800 - 9800... it's always best to clean out the old drivers first.

on Apr 17, 2009

starkers, pc p&c rates their psu's at the constant ouput not the maximum. I know myh pC P&C 750 tops out between 850 and 900 watts. I'm pretty sure corsiar does now, also. don't judge a unit's value based on the number given for the output. i'm not the least bit familiar with the other brand you mentioned so i can't comment on their value. either way, good luck in your search. i hope you find parts for your rig that last quite some time and you're very happy with them.