Published on November 29, 2011 By Snowman In Personal Computing

Hey gang, I need your help/advice.
Looks like I might be looking at some extra cash and was thinking about (finally) getting me a proper GFX card again.
I'm currently running an ancient nVidia 7300 LE wuheeeee...... (not)
But it's a focking jungle out there.... and I'm sure some of you got your fingers on the hardware pulse.

So, what do I need?

Monitor support: 3. (DVI/VGA)
RAM: Enough to do some proper gaming. So at least 2GB.
Brand: I don't give rats ass..... As long as it works.
OS: Vista/Win7- primarily Vista (64)

Comparison: I had (and smoked) a 2GB HD 4850 X2 last year. Best card I've ever had, so that's the 'bar' performance vise.

I've been looking at a 2GB Asus EAH 6970 with 6 monitor support....
Mighty sweet card.
Price: $500 (local price)
I'm sure it's available much cheaper elsewhere, but anything electronic/fun over here costs a small furtune....

Anyway. Any other suggestions?

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on Dec 13, 2011

It was a focking nightmare getting the GFX card installed, both physically and software wise.

I'll spare you the boring details, but let's just say that I utterly hate motherboard layout designers... with a passion!

Took me about 7 hours from start till a fully usable desktop, with all monitors being detected and set up properly.

Windows Index thingy, before:

And after:

Odd that the RAM score has changed....

Snowman is a happy camper again. =D

on Dec 13, 2011

ok, i'm curious. what was difficult about installing the vid card? 

on Dec 13, 2011

1) Getting it to physically fit on the motherboard. Some jackass at MSI must have thought it was a brilliant idea putting all SATA connectors directly behind the PCIE port. I can now barely fit cables into 2 out of 6 connectors.

2) Drivers.
Dunno why, but when uninstalling the old GFX drivers all motherboard drivers were nuked as well, which "kindly" included the LAN adapter. So... I couldn't even get online to get a new set of drivers for the motherboard. Luckily, I had an ancient laptop laying around which barely can be labeled as a computer..... I managed to get it online and download new drivers that way. But FFS it took a long time. >.<

3) Monitor cables...
The card is appearantly so hightech that it doesn't support dual VGA monitors, so I had to dig very deep in my pile of monitor cables to find two DVI cables.
Gonna be extra fun when I get my 3rd monitor home again. Then I have to use a HDMI cable on the main monitor....

I remember the time when a hardware replacement took no longer than swapping tyres on a car, and wasn't any more technical.

on Dec 13, 2011

frosty, it must be difficult being an abominable frosty. it's kind of like kermit being green. how do you manage?   

on Dec 13, 2011

I ain't getting any younger - and feeling alot older.

on Dec 13, 2011

yeah, you are an old fart. hippy had a great line about old farts. i wish i could remember it. 

on Dec 13, 2011

I'll have a look through the logs, see if I can dig it up.

on Dec 13, 2011

Ya but you do have great taste in skins snowy.  Tronix is the best deal you got going there and no hassles on the install. lol.

Good hardware choices.  I like AMD for graphix and cpu these days - more bang for the buck imo.

on Dec 13, 2011

Is this the score you got on your new gfx card, then you picked the wrong card bud, that is if you payed 2300dkk 

i only payed 1999 dkk and look what i got, on a gtx 560ti 



my score

on Dec 13, 2011

if your 4 feet tall, and have more than 1 child, have more than one firewire port on you motherboard as well as any kind of allergies to beans, if you have problems spelling words derived from 15th century Colonial French, and would rather have a dill pickle than a bread and butter (sliced) one, AND.. and this is important.. if ANY of your relatives were born in the Azores (especially Sao Miguel).. between 1974 and 1987.. do NOT buy an nVidia...

....Cos lord knows, that green they use, in their website and packaging design, honestly, it just turns my stomach. Should definitely have more yellow in it.

on Dec 13, 2011

@ atle-mj :Just a guess but I'd say that is a score from a Windows Vista rig and judging by the memory score, 32 bit.

on Dec 14, 2011

That's a great graphics card, Snowy. I also hate MB designers with a passion.


A couple of weeks ago a HDD died. I had 5 ones so I could easily replace that one. And then the trouble began. One HDD died after the other. Only one remained stable. 4 died within a week! All were from Seagate and the same model. It turned out that the 4 that died were from a new version of that drive. I looked it up on the net and to my surprise this happened to other people as well. Needless to say that Seagate won't comment on this mystery.


So, I now I switched to Western Digital and got me a 2TB and a 1TB drive. Wow. Those things are fast. I also have two 5850 cards in Crossfire and these are placed in such a way that it is hard to access the drive ports. It surprised me that I didn't drop any blood on that MB.


And yes, a good PSU is a must as well. I also have a 1KW PSU and it serves me well in my Crossfire setup.


Anyway... I thought it was time to renew my WC and OD subscriptions today. I am now torn between installing a new skin or play Skyrim.



on Dec 14, 2011

MadIce?   MadIce?   Who's this 'MadIce'?


*waves* back ...

on Dec 14, 2011

Ghehe. Hi there, Paul. Good to see you guys are still here.

on Dec 14, 2011

A to late since the choice has already been made i wanted to suggest a very silent piece of gfx card i came across- gtx phantom series they run on 30 degrees fan speed is at 10% in idle and 35% in furmark  and you cant hear them unless they reach 75 % my PSU be-quiet is louder than that card under heavy gaming or furmark - i had the referenz design of asus GTX card with standart fans before this one and under gaming the card reached a noise level that was close to a vacum cleaner...
Isnt the efficiency of the PSU the important thing?
Just asking since i have seen setups including  i7 2600k -8 gigs RAM 1600- 2 Disk drives -2 Hard drives and 2 way gfx be it crossfire or SLI including the 580 GTX in SLI run on a basic 650 Watt PSU of (Sharkoon) and sharkoon is not what i would call a first pick.Its one of the cheapest PSU here.The system was running stable even under prime.
So it must be the efficiency of the PSU not the watts that are important.80+ or +87 please coreect me if iam wrong