Two words: DO WANT!!
Published on January 21, 2012 By Snowman In Personal Computing

Saw this video on the Tube:

Oki, Samsung, you've once again convinced me. So just.....

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on Jan 22, 2012

If only there was some device that you could literally touch and then the screen would react to what you do...

oh... wait...


That said, I didn't really get an impression of whether or not the screen was super thin or something like that from the video - just that a girl could see the "little town outside" after closing the virtual blinds.  But a tech demo that doesn't do anything even remotely new is not super exciting in and of itself.  That said, tell me I can get that screen for $600 and I'm exceedingly impressed. 


on Jan 22, 2012


on Jan 22, 2012

no one's noticed that just below the glass is a sign to not touch it.

LOL I was jumping in my seat watching it. Was she going to touch it? Don't touch it, you cow! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

on Jan 22, 2012

Wonder if Apple already has the 'touch icon on window' patent ...

on Jan 22, 2012

If they don't wanna bet they're tryin' for it.